Defining Your Style

To make it simple we have defined three distinct styles of wedding videography;
Classic, Arthouse and Director’s Cut.


A Cinematic Documentary approach where the video tells the story of the experience in chronological order, in this case a wedding. The Documentary part means you will get to see what things really looked like and hear what was really said and heard by those in attendance. The Cinematic factor means the real life elements are woven together using classic film techniques that help the story flow. Such as a soundtrack; music used under scenes where the visual part is compelling but the audio portion is distracting. No crazy effects, No cheesy video tricks, just good camera work and classic editing techniques.


Wikipedia defines an Arthouse Film as follows:
An art house film (also called an “art cinema”, an "independent film" or “art film”) is a typically noncommercial, independently made film that is aimed at a niche audience, rather than a mass audience. [1] Film critics and scholars typically define an “art house film” using a “ of films and those formal qualities that mark them as different from mainstream Hollywood films.”We also define an Arthouse Video as “independently made (by you) and aimed at a niche audience (you and your friends and family)”.

When you choose the Ashley Productions Arthouse style option it means you can customize the video to be whatever you want it to be. How about a Music Video approach, or a Reality TV look but with an Edge. Maybe you want to produce a random order video rather than a chronological video, or maybe a blend of different styles. No problem. Our online Design Tool lets you turn inspiration into reality with just a few keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.


You guessed it, this is where you sit in studio and direct the editor as they edit your raw footage. Control Freaks, Picky People and Film Nuts love this idea! You can have full control of the whole process or you can let us do the rough cut and you direct the finishing touches to perfection.